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Blockhead Mountain # 15826

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Date: 2013.07.01
Vantage Point: From the southeast ridge of Blockhead.

Caption: Looking up the easy going southeast ridge of Blockhead.

PhotoDescr: Vlad and I started hiking from upper H Main (North Creek Main) to gain the southeast ridge of Hemionus Mountain. From the top of that peak we continued down the other side heading west then north to reach the ridge connecting Blockhead to Spindrift Mountain.

Blockhead was an easy ascent from here and provided good views northwest towards Athelstan and west to the Meager/Plinth area. Cliffbands and corniced ridges didn't look to promising from this side to get to Spindrift (or Sugus) so we retraced our steps then contoured under the southwest side of Spindrift and followed a mild gully up to the summit ridge and peak.

No time left to continue on to Sugus so we descended the gully, dropped further down into a bowl then regained the ridge west of Hemionus and headed back out.

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