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Presbyter Peak # 15814

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Date: 2013.05.24
Vantage Point: From just above the col between Jarrett (Deacon) and Presbyter.

Caption: The south side of Presbyter Peak. Mount Dickens is the highest forested bump rear right.

PhotoDescr: I'd spent the day biking up the Seymour Valley then hiking the Vicar Lakes and Indian Arm Trails to reach Fannin Lake and then Mount Dickens. On the hike in I'd gone up and over Presbyter but on the return I'd traversed snow slopes on the right side of this picture from the small plateau visible at right on Presbyter's eastern ridge.

The Vicar Lakes trail is in good shape and after an off route descent from Presbyter I'd picked up the well marked route 2/3 of the way down to Fannin Lake which was easy enough to follow to there and on to Dickens even with mostly snow cover. Sections of trail that were bare did have an obvious trail bed too.

Rain showers greeted me atop Dickens and things looked remarkably wet further up the Seymour River Valley. Hiking out the showers followed me back towards Bishop with that area being the dividing line between the sunshine over Vancouver and the rain further up the valleys to the north.

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