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Castle Towers and Polemonium Ridge # 15677

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Date: 2009.07.11
Vantage Point: From the divide that connects Corrie Peak to Gentian Ridge and Peak.

Caption: A southeastern view from the south end of Gentian Ridge towards Castle Towers with Polemonium Ridge at right and it's northwest ridge dropping down into Gentian Pass.

PhotoDescr: I'd bought a new camera and wanted to test it in a scenic area. Taking the Helm Creek Trail I ascended to Gentian Ridge and followed that over Fuscian Peak then side-hilled across the diminished Corrie Glacier and up the southwest ridge of Corrie Peak.

From there I back tracked down the southwest ridge then continued along past the south end of Gentian Ridge and on to the northeast ridge of Gentian Peak and up to it's summit.

Dropping of the south slopes of Gentian Peak I traveled down the Helm Glacier to regain the Helm Creek Trail and back out.

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