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Mount Habel - Summit block Routes # 15671

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Date: 2012.03.24
Vantage Point: Penultimate Summit

Caption: Different routes up the final summit block from the penultimate summit.

PhotoDescr: This photo shows different routes that parties use to summit the true high point on Mount Habel. Many people don't actually summit Habel due to this section so I thought it would be nice to put in some route photos for their next trip... :-) The terrain looks innocent enough on this photo but out of sight on the right is a severe case of exposure - a slip along any of these lines would injure or kill. A 30 meter rope and a couple of slings are enough to protect it and you should be carrying that for glacier travel anyway.

In March of 2012 Kev Papke and I took the blue route due to copious amounts of snow and ice on the other two routes. (X marks the crux) This route works well - we only needed a 30m rope to protect it and could sling huge boulders on either side - on on the ridge and another just after the crux.

The green route is probably the best one with less snow (people have done that one unprotected but a slip would sting or worse here) and the red route is the most exposed one.

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