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Mount Assiniboine East Face # 15661

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Date: 2012.09.22
Vantage Point: North Ridge around the grey band.

Caption: The incredible view over the East Face of Mount Assiniboine as seen from near the grey band on the North Ridge climbing route.

PhotoDescr: In late September 2012, Kev Barton and I completed a 36 hour car-to-car climb of Mount Assiniboine and Lunette Peak. We were the only people on the mountain on a glorious fall day with the route in perfect condition.

We accessed the Hind Hut from Aurora Creek / Assiniboine Lake approach (highly recommended) and then proceeded to traverse Assiniboine with all our gear in order to bag Lunette and descend the SW face to Lunette Lake and hike out (not so recommended!).

We free soloed the entire route up the North Ridge - awesome exposed climbing in amazing conditions. The SW face was a bit of a nightmare compared to the solid North Ridge. Lunette Peak was a moderately tough scramble. We rapped 3 times and spent hours down climbing slowly to Lunette Lake which never seemed to get closer! We finally got to the lake in pitch darkness and hiked out to the car.

An amazing day in the Rockies!

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