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Jim Haberl Hut and Serratus Mountain # 15560

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Date: 2012.10.25
Vantage Point: Helicopter flight

Caption: The Jim Haberl Hut and Serratus Mountain under a thin blanket of autumn snow. The blue tint and slight blurring of the snow are caused by the helicopter's window. We could not have planned better viewing and photographic conditions of the Tantalus Range if we'd tried. The views were stunning and the energy of the mountains that morning propelled us through the rest of the day at Sigurd Creek.

PhotoDescr: Several weeks of rain had descended on the south coast, finally ending a three month run of dry summer and autumn weather that had locals talking. But the collapse of the brilliant weather played havoc with plans to finish work on the new Sigurd Creek footbridge. A one day break between weather systems threw us into overdrive, and we quickly made plans for a flight into Sigurd Creek to finish the bridge work before winter closed off the year.

  At the airport, Paul asked the pilot if we could do a fly-by of the Tantalus Range. Paul was interested in scoping out a potential traverse of the range. The pilot agreed, and with hearty agreements from me and Peter - the third member of our Sigurd Creek bridge work party - we were off on one of the most spectacular sightseeing trips I've ever had. The mountains had a veneer of early autumn snow and the light was superb. Clouds swirled here and there, casting peekaboo shadows and adding texture to the landscape.

  Like most Vancouverites, I'd only ever seen the eastern side of the Tantalus Range, which always looms large to drivers, passengers, and countless tourists on the Sea-to-Sky Highway. Viewing the western side for the first time under perfect conditions and at that altitude, was a wondrous experience. I'm sure I was slack jawed for the entire flight, and the energy and thrill of that brief experience carried well into the rest of the day.

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