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Brown Peak from Brown (Merge) Peak # 15526

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Date: 2012.10.08
Vantage Point: From the summit of Brown Peak.

Caption: Looking north across the summit ridge of Brown (Merge) Peak. The lower named (on some maps) Brown Peak at right behind the cross. Cassino and Forddred rear left with the Eaton/Grant area centre rear.

PhotoDescr: From Sunshine Valley I took the Sumallo River FSR and then Ski Hill Road to a new spur which I followed to its end. From there I hiked up through the fresh cut block and reasonably open forest to gain Brown's northern ridge. Following that for a few kilometres, I went over the lower Brown Peak, passed some golden alpine larches, then ascended to the higher Brown Peak (Merge Peak on Bivouac) summit ridge.

This area featured some interesting textures of brown scree and alpine vegetation as I walked up to the summit, which has a cross on it (part of the Grainger Mountain Project) in memory of Flight Sergeant Alfred Brown who died during the Second World War.

From here I descended Brown's east ridge to the pass/divide of Tearse and Marmotte Creeks. A feeder creek just west of Tearse Creek provided a good route downwards for a while until I got into some serious bush that I thrashed through to reach the valley bottom and an old road that I walked along to reach the old ski area. Continuing down the road I passed the gate then walked back up the new spur to my vehicle.

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