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Upper Boulder Creek Valley from the South Ridge of Wonder Mountain # 15492

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Date: 2012.09.01
Vantage Point: From the south ridge of Wonder Mountain.

Caption: Looking eastward down gentle slopes to the Upper Boulder Creek Valley with Onion (Boulder Peak 8800) and Polythene rising up on the other side. Siwhe distant to the right.

PhotoDescr: I hiked up the East Gott Creek Road for about 4.5 km, then left it to ascend the edge of a cutblock then forest to gain a rib on the western side of Wonder Mountain. Nearing the ridge, I traversed north a little to pass a gendarme, and with some minor scrambling regained the ridge and followed that to where it broadens out.

From there it's an easy scree plod up to the summit, which did provide some good views even with plenty of cloud around. To return, I retraced my steps then once off the ridge I descended a broad scree/avalanche gulley down to where the bush thickened, then crossed back over to the forest I had come up through earlier.

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