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Verdejo or Peak 8200 (Noel Creek) from Valpolicella # 15482

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Date: 2012.08.10
Vantage Point: From the Summit of Valpolicella Peak.

Caption: Northern view to Peak Verdejo/Peak 8200 from the summit of Valpolicella. Mount Noel is rear left and the Cadwallader area rear right.

PhotoDescr: From the Hope Creek East FSR Vlad and I ascended Beaujolais from its northwest ridge. He continued on to Mystery/Sockeye whilst I doubled back and headed up Merlot. Continuing northeast along the pleasant ridge I reached the summit of Valpolicella and was greeted by this view.

Mystery/Sockeye and Beaujolais rising above valleys feeding Sockeye Creek also looked impressive from this vantage.

To return I dropped off the ridge at the low point between Valpolicella and Merlot to pass by the lake and headwaters of Sockeye Creek to gain the col between Merlot and Beaujolais and then back through the valley we took earlier in the day.

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