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Spearhead Range from the Himmelsbach Hut and Russet Lake # 153

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Date: 1998.08.29
Vantage Point: From just above Russet Lake

Caption: The view from the Himmelsbach Hut, above Russet Lake, to the east northeast is inspiring in any fine light. The ridgeline in the background is the Spearhead portion of the classic Spearhead Traverse, as viewed from the south. The summits of Tremor, Trorey, and Macbeth are all clearly visible in the centre background.

PhotoDescr: The Himmelsbach Hut was designed by Werner Himmelsbach, a long time BCMC member. It has sheltered a great many adventurers in its lifetime, and its biffy has been a particularly fine viewpoint for many years. The hut is in an area that gets heavy winter snows and sits just above some gentle telemark slopes. Just slightly to the south of this picture is the steep north face of Fissile Peak. If you get bored below the hut, just take a launch off of Fissile.

In the summer, the area is excellent for hiking, climbing, and scrambling. The north face routes on Fissile provide fine 40-60 degree snow/neve routes, especially early in the summer season or late in the fall when they set up hard and firm during the evening.

For an interesting scramble in the summer time, the grey dyke, a basaltic intrusion in Fissile's north face clearly visible from the hut, makes an interesting ascent of the peak.

Fossil hunters and rockhounds will enjoy the variety of rock found in the area, as the meadows beneath the west face of the mountain have particularly diverse collections of each. Outcrops on the northwest ridge are also of interest for those understanding the meaning of "fissile."

The area is also a fine winter touring area, quite popular with people just beginning their touring careers. The gentle rolling terrain characteristic of the area and nearby Singing Pass provide easy but worthwhile experiences for those still finding turns a challenge.

For the more experienced, steep slopes leading to the Adit Lakes and the classic North Face descents off Fissile Peak can provide lots of adrenalin.

Finally, the area is commonly used by ski tourers and mountaineers completing the classic Spearhead Traverse.

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