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Zorah Peak from High on Mount Sampson # 15291

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Date: 1984.09.28
Vantage Point: Mt Sampson

Caption: Zorah Peak is at right, the gentle looking bump is the Pinnacle.

PhotoDescr: I climbed Zorah Peak on skis during my first reconnaissance of a direct route to Mount Sampson from the Lillooet Valley. This picture was taken on my final successful summit climb four years later.

On the horizon is the Pemberton Icecap at right and Ashlu Mountainn near the center. The round bump on the SE ridge of Zorah is the Pinnacle mentioned in the stories. This view shows that it is easily surmounted on skis. The ridge to the east of it is festooned with cornices well into summer. In winter and spring the valley east of Zorah can only be accessed from near the summit.

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