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Lioness Peak, Lion Peak, Mount Cline # 15184

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Date: 2011.08.20
Vantage Point: Summit of Mount McDonald

Caption: The major peaks to the southeast of Mount McDonald

PhotoDescr: I confess I am not completely sure of the identities of these three peaks, but Lioness, Lion, and Cline are my best guesses: they are the highest in the region and, as such, stand out clearly. McDonald at 10,388' is roughly the same elevation as the first two, and Lion and Lioness appear in the photo to be the same height as I was when I took the photo; Cline at 11,027' and some 700' above McDonald appears in the photo to be clearly the highest summit of the four. As well, the patterns of the snow patches seem to match the contours of similarly placed snowfields on the topographic map.

But I could be wrong, and, except for Cline, this is an area relatively unfamiliar to me: if anyone out there in Bivouac-land has some better guess about which peaks these are, please feel free to let me know and I will make the appropriate changes.

See entries for Lonely Peak for the days preceding this part of my journal, and The Long Summit Bench of Francis Peak for this day's activities.

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