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Mist Mountain from the Southeast # 15080

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Date: 2011.06.22
Vantage Point: Summit of Patterson's Peak

Caption: Mist Mountain across the wall of the Lineham Peaks

PhotoDescr: An ACC group of six cycled as far as we could up the Trap Creek road, then hiked to Spruce Cabin; it was rougher going from there west following Trap and eventually we were bushwhacking along the north side of the drainage - there was a good horse trail, but it braided the creek many times and, aside from not wishing to get our boots wet or stop to take them off frequently, often the stream was too torrential to cross safely. Eventually, however, we made it to a comfortable camping area, clear of snow, about 1.5 km from the unnamed lake just northwest of Patterson's Peak (we chose this route to avoid having to ford Trap to get to Head Creek).
  The next day we made our way up to this gorgeous unnamed lake, walking mostly on consolidated snow. We then made our way up snow in the obvious drainage in the photo, the only real difficulty being the waterfall pouring over the curtain wall about half way up, a difficulty necessitating a steep climb up the snow ramp to the right back to scree. Then on up the drainage, trending when possible to the left to gain the southeast ridge just above the minor col; 0.5 km of snow, rubble, and minor scrambling brought us to the summit in early afternoon.

Note: this photo of Mist is almost identical to the one I took some years earlier; however, I thought the crest of the Lineham Creek traverse (see Nugara pp. 124-27) made an interesting comment on the intervening territory. Storm Mountain is on the far right (just as in Kevin's photo!)

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