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High Falls Trail - Upper viewpoint of High Falls Creek # 15049

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Date: 2011.06.12
Vantage Point: short branch off the main High Falls trail

Caption: Final upper viewpoint of High Falls Creek as it tumbles into a grotto. From here, the creek rushes down a deep, narrow gorge with several other viewpoints along the trail.

PhotoDescr: By the standards of the other adventures on Bivouac, what I do is pretty tame. I'm a dayhiker, always following established trails and routes laid down by others long before me. But reading the stories and seeing the photos of places I've yet to visit always inspires me. One such image, of the Athelney Pass Trail, led to several years of solo exploration in the Upper Lillooet River valley, with unforgettable experiences and memories. I'd like to return the favour with this photo of the final, upper viewpoint of HIgh Falls Creek from the High Falls Trail. It's not a grand vista, but it does show what this little gem of a hiking trail in the Squamish Valley offers. May it entice you to discover new places.

(Photo notes for the curious: Fuji TX-1 panoramic film camera, 45mm lens, Kodak E100VS slide film, 2 second exposure)

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