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Mounts Willson, Pollock and Ralph from Exodus Peak # 15046

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Date: 2011.07.05
Vantage Point: the southwestern side of the Exodus Massif

Caption: Mount Willson, Mount Pollock and Mount Ralph across the Elaho Valley from the edge of the glacier on Exodus Peak. Tinniswood is the pointy peak rear left.

PhotoDescr: There wasn't much information to be had about western (Elaho Valley) approaches to Exodus. On a trip up Outrigger a week before Gerry Kollmuss and I got a good view of the west side of Exodus and possible approach logging roads (E-600 or E-700).

Gerry, Sabine, Al and I got to the end of E-600 in Gerry's 4Runner and hiked up through the forest heading east to reach the alpine and then southward along a minor ridge to reach the glacier. Crossing that we gained the peak of Exodus and some amazing views.

This shot was taken after returning across the glacier and just before the hike back down the minor ridge.

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