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Rae Glacier # 14839

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Date: 2011.06.27
Vantage Point: N entrance to cirque formed by Rae Glacier, looking South

Caption: The entire Rae Glacier and neve with Mt.Rae rising to the left out of the picture.

PhotoDescr: An easy snow walk from here to summit on a warm late June day. Started at 0900h at Elbow Pass parking lot and summited at 1230h. Arrived back at this location at 1330h. 2 inch crust supported 9 out of 10 steps - the tenth was usually up to the knee. Got better as I went higher (20:1). On the way down snowpack had softened so that each plunge step was a comfortable and soft 6 inchs. About half the descent was glissaded. WOW.

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