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Pelion Summit Ridge in Winter-like Conditions # 14754

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Date: 2011.05.01
Vantage Point: Just after regaining ridge after coming thru notch

Caption: Pelion summit ridge in winter (May 1st, 2011)

PhotoDescr: Editor's Note: Behind in the photo is the summit ridge of Pelion, after Peter and Silke descended it. Compare this photo with Pelion's Final Ridge Section by Chris Gooliaff taken May 24 in 2004. Note that in 2011 there is not a bit of rock showing, whereas in 2004 there is lots of rock.

The final route to the summit involves going up the glacier and around the north end of a tower on the ridge, to get onto the southwest side of the mountain, and looking directly at Tantalus. Then climb up steeply to go through a notch in the ridge and back onto the west side of the final summit ridge. From there, you angle along the face, just below the crest of the ridge, and then gain the ridge for the final section to the summit.

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