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Bugaboos from Jet at 10,000 Metres # 14725

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Date: 2010.06.13
Vantage Point: Seat 19a on flight AC142

Caption: View of the Bugaboos from 10,000 m

PhotoDescr: Whenever I fly I always book a window seat if I can. There are two reasons; first, experience has proven that I can sleep better leaning my head against the wall, and second, I might be able to see something interesting. Flying out of Vancouver I usually peek out the window as the flight goes over the mountains hoping to see something familiar. I go to sleep once we've passed Calgary. In truth, once clear of the lower mainland, I've generally not had much success spotting anything I could recognise. That was not the case last year in June. I recall it had been overcast on the coast so I really didn't look too closely at what was passing underneath me until these tall distinct peaks appeared at the edge of my view. Well, I nearly wet myself! By chance I had my cameras with me so I grabbed the point and shoot and fired off some pictures because I was afraid I'd lose the opportunity. That was a waste of time: the camera didn't have enough zoom and it couldn't focus effectively. Now, panicking, I rooted out the SLR, I think I even swapped the 105 mm lens on (can't remember), then I fired off a bunch more pictures and the one shown here I snuck in before the wing took them away from me.

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