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Mount Price Traverse Route from Swift Creek/Old Growth Valley to Garibaldi Lake TH # 14708

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Date: 2011.04.09
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PhotoDescr: With plenty of snow cover - we needed to remove skis only once for a creek crossing on Swift Creek FSR, and plenty of snow to follow the creek up the Old Growth Valley - we completed the traverse from Swift Creek to Garibaldi Lake trailhead in just under 12 hours via the col between Clinker and Price. The north-facing slopes still had great winter snow in them, especially down from Price. The Barrier was also in great conditions and we were able to ski almost out to the parking lot. Progress is pretty much impossible where the creek hems in the right shore against a cliff about where two larger side creeks enter. It is best to kick-step up to the trail (only about ~60 m elevation gain). (see also:

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