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Sunshine Meadows: the Lakes # 146

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Date: 1996.09.15
Vantage Point: Standish Ridge

Caption: Three alpine lakes are nestled in jewel-like splendor in Sunshine Meadows above the Simpson River Valley. From left to right, they are Rock Isle Lake, [photo1400-Larix Lake], and Grizzly Lake. [i]Larix [/i] is Latin for Larch; Grizzly is English for [i]Ursus Arctos[/i]. Mount Assiniboine can be seen peeking over the ridge to the left, the highest point on the far horizon.

PhotoDescr: Sunshine Meadows is the heart of the Sunshine Village ski area, but is much quieter in the summer. After a strenuous day on the somewhat-exposed Alpine Circuit above Lake O'Hara in Yoho National Park, my hiking buddy Kate wanted something less energetic, and without the trailside cliffs. The meadows met the bill perfectly. Although reached through Banff National Park by most visitors, the scene in the picture is almost entirely in British Columbia's Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park.

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