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Summit of Mount Borsato from the South # 14507

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Date: 2010.10.05
Vantage Point: On the south ridge of Mount Borsato, about 0.5 km from the true summit

Caption: The last section of the south ridge on Mount Borsato, with the Flathead River valley to the left

PhotoDescr: After a rainy, wet last couple of weeks in September, the weather turned magnificent, and so one day in early October I thought I might scamper up a few peaks south of the Crowsnest rather than saving them for 2011.

Thus it was that once again I drove the old green Nissan truck down to the Corbin Mine and thence along the very rough Flathead road, over Flathead Pass, and down along Squaw Creek to a delightful meadow under the shadow of nearby Mt Corrigan.

Borsato is very easy of ascent, there being few if any problems along the way; as well, it rises only three thousand feet from the valley floor. Consequently, I was game to attempt this modest eminence on the very same day that I drove down from Calgary.

Starting about 1300, I arrived at the summit approximately 3.5 hours later, the climb being mostly light forest and easy ridge walking (as is shown in the photo). Although I ascended up the west side of Borsato, I discovered on my way down that the easiest, if not the shortest, uptrack would be to follow the broad southwest ridge - there are old logging scars and skid tracks that rise for perhaps 800'; from there it's easy bush until above timberline, and even then the going is pretty straightforward.

But this is not to denigrate poor old Borsato - it's a lovely walk in the park, one that yields marvelous views of the upper Flathead region.

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