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Chamois and Ibex from Anderson # 14293

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Date: 2010.09.02
Vantage Point: From near summit of Anderson River Mountain

Caption: A southeastern view towards Chamois and Ibex from near the summit of Anderson River Mountain. The tip of Steinbok just visible between the two. Guanaco and Vicuna are rear left.

PhotoDescr: Al Blair and I hiked up a ridge west of Ibex from Anderson East (south) Main. From there we ascended Ibex via bushy ledges on its northwest face. After that we then went up Chamois via its south ridge.

Heading east-northeast from Chamois we dropped down to the col between it and Anderson and scrambled up it to complete a three-peak day. To make the trip a loop we then descended the southwest ridge of Anderson through an old burn to get back to the road.

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