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Asherah Peak from Gideon Peak # 14236

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Date: 2010.08.20
Vantage Point: From the summit area of Gideon Peak

Caption: Looking southwest from Gideon towards Asherah

PhotoDescr: Al Blair and I had a basic plan of biking to the end of the Morris Trespass West Spur and scrambling along the ridge heading southwest towards Gideon by way of St. Jacobs Peak. However, once on the ridge we noticed it got quite complicated so we dropped down into a bowl north of Gideon, crossed that and ascended to the ridge between it and St. Jacobs. This involved a careful rising traverse of a pocket glacier just below the ridgeline.

From there it was a straightforward ascent to Gideon and some good views eastward into The Stein Valley Heritage Park. Other areas were clouded over and not being that familiar with the area we had some difficulty IDing many of the peaks that were visible.

Asherah we first thought was Snowspider, but after some checking of maps when back home I discovered it was Asherah. To return we retraced our route and enjoyed a fast bike ride back down to our parking spot and some creek chilled beer.

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