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Mount Allenby # 14166

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Date: 2010.02.14
Vantage Point: SE side of Allenby Pas

Caption: NW side of Mount Allenby in winter (from Allenby Pass)

PhotoDescr: Note: this is actually 'false' Allenby, the lower summit granted this title on the topographic map; however, the Guidebook to the Southern Rockies clearly suggests that the higher peak NE of 'false' is the one ascended by the FA party and the one considered the true summit by the authors of the guidebook. Thus, this photo is of 'false' Allenby, with 'true' Allenby obscured by cloud to the left.


On February 13, three of us set out from the staging area just off the road up to Sunshine, skiing over the 'hump' and up Brewster Creek and several km beyond the lodge on our first day. On our second we broke trail up to the Half-way lodge complex and then up to and over Allenby Pass - strong winds and cloud, but with some fine skiing down the SE side to Bryant Creek, where camped for our second night. The third day was the usual whirlwind exit to Shark Mountain parking.

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