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Wedgemount Glacier Changes - Ice Cavern at Toe (2010) # 14086

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Date: 2010.08.22
Vantage Point: Toe of the Wedgemount Glacier

Caption: This ice cavern at the toe of the glacier formed sometime since 2003. It is located on the east side of the rock outcropping that can be seen from the hut. (Photo credit: Nora Lenard)

PhotoDescr: As we approached the toe of the glacier, the extent of the changes since I last visited in 2003 revealed themselves. None of the changes were subtle. Whereas before there was only a ragged line of ice at the toe, surrounding a small rock outcropping, there were now large crevasses and the outcropping was almost ice free. As well, a new rock bluff had been uncovered but most surprisingly, this ice cavern had formed a gaping maw into the leading edge of the glacier. The mouth is roughly 15 m wide and 5 m tall. (In 2003 there was a solid surface of ice from where this photo was taken. I remember meltwater gushing out of a small gap, certainly nothing dramatic like this cavern.)

This image is one of three I'm posting to continue documenting the glacier's change on Bivouac.

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