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Wedgemount Glacier Changes from Wedgemount Lake Hut (2010) # 14084

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Date: 2010.08.22
Vantage Point: Wedgemount Lake Hut

Caption: Since Dan Carey's photo from 2002, the glacier has almost completely receded on the west side of the bluff outcropping at the toe. (Photo credit: Nora Lenard)

PhotoDescr: I had expected some retreat of the glacier since I last saw it in 2003, but the extent of the glacier melt was still surprising. When compared to Dan Carey's photo from 2002, the changes at the glacier's toe are obvious: in 2002, the glacier almost wrapped around the outcropping. Eight years later, it has basically retreated on the west side of the outcropping. This image is one of three I'm posting to continue documenting the glacier's change on Bivouac. Readers may find it interesting to compare these images against those from Dan Carey (2002) and Gerry Kollmuss (1990).

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