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Tulameen Mountain Southwest Aspect # 13915

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Date: 2010.06.30
Vantage Point: From the west peak of Tulameen

Caption: The west and south slopes of Tulameen Mountain from its western subpeak. Snazzy (Snass NE1) and Snass are rear right with an outlier of Mount Davis (named Hulk Peak) the tree- and snow-covered peak far right.

PhotoDescr: Justin Brown and I drove the Sowaqua Creek FSR to just before Montigny Creek, parking on a short spur road. From there we headed steeply up through the forest to gain the alpine southwest of Tulameen using a combination of mild bushwhacking, game trails and a semi-open ridge that featured the most wild strawberry plants I've ever seen (still in the flowering stage unfortunately).

After crossing a creek we did a rising traverse to gain the southwest ridge of the peak which is a easy scramble up to the summit. After hanging around for over an hour we made our way over to the west peak and spent a further half an hour up there. With daylight starting to fade we headed back down to emerge at the vehicle a little after sundown.

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