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Mount Hansen North and West Ridges # 13913

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Date: 2010.06.26
Vantage Point: From the North Ridge of Hansen

Caption: The north ridge of Hansen leading up to its subpeak with the main summit to the left. The west ridge goes off to the right.

PhotoDescr: Mount Hansen is an easy ascent from logging roads that rise out of the Sowerby Creek Valley towards Mount Stoneman. I managed to drive up to 1450 m on a spur road (goes right off the main road at 1320 m ASL) before being stopped by snow.

Walking a kilometre up the road, I left it just after it began to drop eastward and headed south on to the north ridge of Hansen. The forested ridge is easy to follow and opens up when it steepens. I bypassed the sub peak on its east side and was on top of the main summit in two hours from the vehicle.

With a plan to head west from the subpeak and try for Sowerby Peak I went over the subpeak and followed the west ridge to a 1872 m knoll (right side of picture) that had steep cliffing on all sides. After sussing out a route I got to the top of this only to find heavy bush and more cliffing on its west side. Time was getting on by now, so I handlined myself down two cliff faces on the east side and headed back along the west ridge. Bypassing Hansen's subpeak I regained the north ridge and got this shot back near the logging road.

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