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Mamquam Mountain Summit # 13776

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2010.05.08
Vantage Point: East just twenty meters below the summit.

Caption: Just twenty meters below summit of Mamquam. Climber Marek Labecki.

PhotoDescr: Three days successful BCMC trip in perfect weather.

Day 1: Crossed dreaded Paranoid creek without getting wet, but too high so we had to posthole through horrible bushwack (huge fallen trees) to get onto occasionally marked Mamquam Icefiled trail. Camped on the ridge just below Darling Lake (-7 temps during night).

Day 2: Summited Mamquam from north bypassing Delusion Peak on left. Our two GPS units both showed actual summit being twenty meters off official point.

Day 3: Returned back via Mamquam Icefield trail. Marek "managed" to slip into Paranoid creek waist-high and consequently suffered frozen feet from contact with snow for a while. After Paranoid creek crossing we decided to drop lower to find old logging road visible from space. Our reasoning was like this: "we have seen the ugliest bushwack, what can be worse?" Mamquam proved us wrong. More postholing, and more bushwack followed.

Gear: snowshoes, aluminum crampons, two pickets, 20m 8mm twin rope, ice ax, glacier travel stuff.

Our GPS stats Day 1 - Parking to Camp ----------------------- Total Distance: 12.8 km Total Time: 11 h Starting Elevation: 600 m Final Elevation: 1615 m Low Point: 600 m High Point: 1640 m Cumulative Elevation Gain: ~1400 m

Day 2 - Camp to Summit ---------------------- Total Distance: 10.4 km Total Time: 8 h 15 min Starting Elevation: 1615 m Final Elevation: 2588 m Low Point: 1535 m High Point: 2588 m Cumulative Elevation Gain: ~1250 m

Day 3 - Camp to Parking ----------------------- Total Distance: 12.9 km Total Time: 10 h 35 min Starting Elevation: 1615 m Final Elevation: 600 m High Point: 1640 m Low Point: 600 m Cumulative Elevation Gain: ~550 m

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