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Another View of Mount Cooper # 13717

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Date: 2010.04.12
Vantage Point: Nakusp Range

Caption: Looking at Mount Cooper from the south end of the Nakusp Range

PhotoDescr: Hard to get to and infrequently climbed, Mount Cooper has been on my list for ages, but somehow - most notably access difficulties - I have yet to climb it. Occasionally, it is ascended on skis via the north-facing Spokane Glacier, and, even less frequently, people have been known to traverse from the Alps Alturas trail. Actually, I know of only one person to do so, the redoubtable West Kootenay mountaineer Fred Theissen, who pioneered the route.

As usual, Doug and I were merely admiring the mountain from afar, this time from the Nakusp Range to the southwest. A small but scenic mountain range with easy access and ideally suited to ski touring with long interconnecting sub-alpine and alpine ridges.

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