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Southeastern View from Mount Green # 13670

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Date: 2010.03.24
Vantage Point: From the col between the twin summits of Mount Green.

Caption: Looking southeast from the summit area of Mount Green. At rear is Silvertip, Rideout, Sumallo (Rideout's Pup) and Payne. Forddred is at left with Cassino to its right.

PhotoDescr: I couldn't find much info on Mount Green except that it's named after a World War II serviceman. Having taken the Potter Creek Valley FSRs from the Sumallo River FSR (access from Sunshine Village) to ascend Forddred a couple of years back I got a good look at the terrain.

Walking up the roads on the west side of upper Potter Creek this time I entered the forest off a spur road and ascended steeply to a bowl. After some traversing I then went up a steep ridge that got me to the summit ridge about half a kilometre south of the peak.

This was easy to follow to the twin summits of which the north one is slightly higher. To return I dropped off the summit ridge into the bowl to rejoin my tracks lower down.

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