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Mamquam Mountain from above the Paranoid Creek Valley # 13659

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Date: 2010.03.19
Vantage Point: From just below the west ridge of Crawford Peak.

Caption: Mamquam Mountain fills the view to the north as Chris Morely makes his way down to Paranoid Creek from the west ridge of Crawford Peak.

PhotoDescr: Chris and I headed up R Line and then onto Watersprite Lake. From there we ascended to the col between the south ridge of Dreadnought Peak and Watersprite Tower. Dropping down the other side into the upper Crawford Creek Valley, we then traversed the eastern side of Dreadnought to connect up with the west ridge of Crawford.

It was a pleasant walk along the ridge with some more traversing to bypass a minor knoll. Chris took a rest whilst I continued on to the summit of Crawford where the views made the long approach well worth it.

To return, we dropped off the ridge and headed down into the Paranoid Creek Valley and followed the creek northwest for some time before heading over a small ridge to reach the Skookum Creek Valley. Having forgotton the maps in the vehicle we guessed wrongly on how to get on to S Line and ended up on a alder choked road lower down in the valley that eventually joined up with S Line.

After that, it was an easy walk out in the dark to make for a nice loop trip.

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