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Tremor, Pattison, and Shudder Mountains from east of Decker Mountain # 1365

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Date: 2000.02.13
Vantage Point: From east of Decker Mountain

Caption: Looking out over some of the fine peaks and glaciers of the western Spearhead Range on a fine winter day.

PhotoDescr: The western Spearhead Range can have some of the poorest visibility during winter storms, but when the storms pass and the clouds have completely disappeared, the view can be awesome.

The mountains in this part of the range do not project far above the glaciers and northern ridges, but are still interesting objectives. Most travellers to the area are interested in the glaciers by mid-winter, as there are kilometres of skiable terrain to suit every ability level. The glacier in the foreground is the Trorey Glacier; that in the background is the Tremor.

The area is not the sole habitat of backcountry skiers however, as a licensed heliski company also uses the glaciers on a regular basis. Generally, this poses few problems, as the company generally takes its clients to more remote areas when tourers are on the glaciers. One will note that a number of tracks line the glacier on this day, but there is still much terrain left undisturbed.

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