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Whitemantle Range - Labelled Panorama # 13645

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2003.05.01
Vantage Point: From summit of Mount Waddington - West-Northwest Peak

Caption: North side of the Whitemantle Range. Click on large size to read labels.

PhotoDescr: Labelled reference photo showing the peaks and glaciers of the Whitemantle Range visible from the false summit of Mount Waddington. Taken on Day 13 of a 17-day traverse from the Pantheon Range to Scar Creek.

Note: I believe I have everything labelled properly. If you notice something out of place, please let me know. Some of the peaks are improperly labeled on NTS and other maps. These include Whitemantle Mountain, Comrade Peaks, Cornette Peak, and Repose Mountain. Steadfast Peaks may also be mislabelled by looking at nearby peaks and considering the derivation of the name??? Bivouac location is the same as what the maps indicate for Steadfast. There is also a Strawberry Mountain on NTS and other maps, the name is printed a little southwest from the likely mountain it is referring to, but there is nothing in Bivouac about Strawberry. I imagine Strawberry Mountain would be next to Whipped Cream Peak! In Bivouac, Whipped Cream is designated as a mountain, while it is a peak on the NTS Maps.

Also, some of the features labelled on the left and center foreground are actually part of the Waddington Range. Scar Creek divides the Whitemantle from the Waddington Ranges.

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