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Mount Glasgow - view Northwest # 1359

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Date: 1996.07.06
Vantage Point: From the summit of Mount Glasgow

Caption: The view northwest from the summit of Mount Glasgow. If not for the late season snow that had fallen, none would be visible. These are the dry front ranges.

PhotoDescr: The mountain at the left with the prominent summit block and cliff is Mount Romulus. To the right of that, the lower mountain with a steep tower shaped summit block is Mount Remus. The pyramid peak of Mount Fisher can be seen behind the right end of Romulus. The upper portion of the scrambling route up Romulus comes up from the left and follows the ridge above the entire cliff face. The route up Remus comes up the prominent drainage in the middle of the mountain (facing the camera, below left end of orange scree) till it splits, then trends left up the minor broken bands to the shoulder, then the summit.

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