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Sunset Mountain from Mount Giegerich # 13581

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Date: 2010.02.06
Vantage Point: Southeast slopes of Mount Giegerich

Caption: Looking at the west side of Sunset Mountain

PhotoDescr: This was my sixth and best trip into the palatial lodge that passes for a cabin in Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park. Two trips had been marred by poor snow conditions, one trip was a CAA Level 1 course and involved lots of pit digging but very little skiing, and one trip involved even less skiing when I tore the meniscus in my right knee on the first day of the trip and spent the rest of the week going slowly (or quickly) stir crazy in the lodge.

By mid February when we flew into the lodge, there had been no significant precipitation for three weeks and extensive near surface facetting of the snowpack had occurred, in some locations to depths of 40 cm. While terrible for snow stability once the next load of storm snow falls, near surface facetts make for great skiing. And great skiing we had, together with very stable conditions - apart from fairly predictable, if large, sluffs.

As is traditional, we were a group of twelve, but three of us were the real keeners, out of the lodge by 7.30 or 8.00 am every morning and venturing far and wide. We skied a series of big lines that we'd all been looking at for years but had never had the conditions to do, including runs off the north side of Robert Smith, northeast from the summit of Tanal Peak, the classic Esmeralda to Coffee Pass run which we did twice in one day, continuing on to descend into Joker Basin and climb out via the north end of the Battleship. We also skied a tremendous 800 metre north facing run right down to 1500 metres in the valley of Joker Creek, which, although it necessitated a painful climb out through Keen Creek, was well worth it.

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