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Southwest Aspect of Mount Bess # 13473

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Date: 2009.08.14
Vantage Point: About 3 km east of Blueberry parking on the Holmes River road

Caption: Mount Bess from the West

PhotoDescr: From Trip Report #6815: "We arrived about 4 p.m. at Blueberry parking - just past km 42 - on the Holmes logging road and about 27 km past the Hemorrhoid Hotel (I'll bet that's got your attention!). Only the trail up to the alpine from there ascended a drainage W of what I had been told (or had hoped I'd heard) was the ascent drainage. Oh oh.

We drove around a bit to explore other options - the south side of the Holmes River, a possible ascent to Bess Pass - but Blueberry, despite its being a longer approach, was the only route more or less guaranteed to be free of bush. In any case, we were pumped - the scenery was spectacular, especially the white crown of Mount Bess off to the east, and we were ready to give Chown the Old Goat try."

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