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Seagram Peak (Cyhorn Peak) from the Northeast. # 13093

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Date: 2009.11.03
Vantage Point: From the north ridge of Cypress Peak

Caption: A glacier west of Cypress Peak leads up towards Seagram Peak on the left. The Wood Group is at rear with Charlie Charlie possibly the rounded prominent peak. Also, Seagram Lake or some other smaller lake is just visible.

PhotoDescr: Chris Morley and I did another of our lunchtime-start hiking trips. Snow from the get-go off the Roe Creek FSR and snowshoes were used about halfway up the scree field that approaches the glacier.

The glacier was showing some crevasses, but I elected to cross it anyway as the long route around did not appeal. No problems were encountered and I soon gained the ridge crest. Chris took the long route and gained the ridge but not the summit spire.

Snow made the crux ascent a little difficult which I solved by going just slightly off the ridge but still in Class 3 terrain. From there it was a combination of post-holing and rock-walking up to the summit and some nice views.

On the return, one tricky traverse got me part way down the crux and then with snowshoes back on I retraced my steps, met up with Chris and we made it down by sunset.

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