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Top of China Head Mountain # 13033

Below is a description of the photograph you were looking for, and the circumstances surrounding the photo.
Date: 2009.07.21
Vantage Point: Top of "principal" summit of China Head

Caption: View west of the main summit of China Head (there are a series of "high points" along the sweeping ridge of China Head, this may or may not be the actual China Head, though it has a large cairn, as seen). Two main features seen are Nine Mile Ridge to the south and the Yalakom Range to the west, with Big Dog Mountain standing alone on the right of the Cairn. BOB trailers were used for this trip - they were left at the bottom of the hill below this cairn.

PhotoDescr: This was taken on the second of 3.5 days taken to ride from the bottom of the Yalakom FSR over China Head, down the West Pavillion FSR to Lillooet.

See my additional comments on the "China Head Mountain Bike Traverse" by Kirby Kinnon, 2003.

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