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Skiing up to Guard Pass # 1302

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Date: 2001.12.30

Caption: Sandra Nicol and Brain Peter ski up towards Guard Pass en route to Deception Peak.

PhotoDescr: We skied to near the top of Deception Peak and had a fabulous ski run down the Guard Glacier.

The Previous day we had skied into the Sphinx hut. Garibaldi Lake was frozen, but there was no snow covering the 4-6 inches of ice. The Lake make scary pinging sounds as the ice flexed while we skied along it. There was a large crack extending down the centre of the lake running from Sphinx Bay nearly to Price Bay. Needless to say, we stayed several hundred meters north of the crack as we skied along.

We planned to continue across the Garibaldi Neve the next day, but the weather broke down and we retreated to Taylor Meadows for a New Years Eve celebration.

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