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View Northwest from the Summit of Mount Rhondda; Fisher Peak # 12863

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Date: 2009.08.15
Vantage Point: Summit of Mount Rhondda

Caption: The peaks of the Freshfield Icefield are across the valley of the Blaeberry River.

PhotoDescr: The near valley is Collie Creek, and the far deep valley is the Blaeberry River, coming from the general direction of Howse Pass. Here, the Continental Divide makes a horseshoe turn; the vantage point and the distant summits are on the Divide.

The clouds make specific peak identification doubtful. The foreground includes part of the Wapta Icefield on the left and a bit of Mount Habel on the right.

Our group of six from the Grant MacEwan Mountain Club reached the summit of Mount Rhondda from the Bow Hut.

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