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Mount Truax - Southeast Exposure from "Verdia Lake" # 12736

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Date: 2009.06.29
Vantage Point: South end of Verdia Lake

Caption: Southeast exposure of the big guy in the Bendor

PhotoDescr: "Verdia Lake" was a name used in the 2002 "BC Mountaineer". Call it what you want, it's the big lake in the valley east of Truax Creek proper. It was a very scenic spot to stop before the plod up the 8600' peaks directly east of Truax (Sidestep/Gingersnap).

Access this valley from the end of the Truax Creek FSR. There are two ways in. First is to drive past the pulled bridge near the end of the Truax Creek FSR, about 200 m to the end landing of some recent pine salvage harvesting. Proceed steeply up the left (north) side of the torrent draining Verdia Lake.

Second option is to cross Truax Creek near the old bridge, and proceed up the road. Cross Truax Creek again to the east side and proceed up the edge of a large boulder/scree slope on the south side of the above mentioned torrent. We preferred option one.

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