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Butter Pot from the Southeast (with Style) # 12628

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Date: 2009.05.18
Vantage Point: The north end of Pegwood Pond

Caption: Fern and Alida (from left to right) showcase Butter Pot mountain on an exceptional Victoria day weekend.

PhotoDescr: I needed to get the kids out for some exercise on a Victoria Day weekend. The weather was great so I talked them into climbing a mountain. We took all the necesary preparations including a stop at Tim Horton's where I allowed them each to have a donut hoping it would fortify them for the climb. A full feature washroom is located at the start of the Pegwood Pond trail: it took me 15 minutes to get them out of there. We took a total of half an hour in last minute gear adjustments which included selecting the correct clothing where colour was more important than function. Application of sunscreen was a highlight.

Once on our way, Alida made great time running the first 200 m. I carried Fern on my shoulders when she fell trying to keep up with Alida. In this fashion we proceeded to Pegwood Pond where Fern forgot she was tired and started running around again. The trail to Pegwood Pond is in good shape but along the pond, the boardwalks are in much need of repair: I believe these repairs are intended for this summer. We stopped at the end of Pegwood Pond for a snack and the photo opportunity leading to this photo essay.

After Pegwood Pond, the trail climbs rapidly up stairs and I was pressed into service carrying first one, then the other participant. At one point I carried both but this slowed our party up considerably. At the top of the stairs, on what is essentially the summit ridge of the mountain, exhaustion overcame our party. We stopped for lunch and retreated back to the playground (also located at the start of the trail).

We did not reach our summit on this attempt. But, most importantantly, all participants returned home happy and eager for a return trip.

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