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Mount Woodside from the South # 12528

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Date: 2009.01.02
Vantage Point: Prairie Central Road near Banford Road, E of Chilliwack,

Caption: Mount Woodside, seen from Prairie Central Road east of Chilliwack, directly across the Fraser River

PhotoDescr: Mount Woodside is part of the same large massif that includes Mount Agassiz, although it is 5 km between the summits of the two mountains. However, Agassiz is 16 metres higher than Woodside and somewhat more rugged, so it hogs most of the glory.

Mount Woodside has some steep slopes on the east and west sides, but is less steep on the south, from whence it is ascended by the Mount Woodside Forest Service Road, which then continues on toward Mount Agassiz. A branch from this road climbs almost to the summit of Mount Woodside. A small lake, Stacy Lake, is located just east of the summit of Woodside, and there are several small ponds even closer to the summit.

I took this photo during a rare sunny break in January 2009, just after a fresh snowfall the day before. The late afternoon light was perfect for photography, so I took shots of as many mountains in the area as I could, with gratifying results.

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