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Bonanza Peak and Mount Ashwood (North) # 12525

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Date: 2008.07.19
Vantage Point: From the lower south summit of Mt Ashwood

Caption: The photo shows Bonanza Peak (background) and the higher north summit of Mount Ashwood (foreground) from the south summit of Mount Ashwood.

PhotoDescr: I had wanted to visit this area for a long time. A visit from an old friend in Vancouver provided the opportunity. The very end of the upper Gold Creek road is a deactivated leftward spur with a discernable elk trail along it. From near the end of this spur (around 850 m. I think), a network of small elk trails leads up into the logging slash (which, in the grand scheme of things, is not too bad going anyway). These elk trails lead very usefully into the old growth forest on the left side of the clearcut some distance below its highest point.

Once in the forest, follow elk trail(s) upward to about 940+ m, which is a bit above the actual low point of the pass. Traversing a few hundred meters northward into the pass before turning right will likely make the ascent to the Ashwood lake district about as easy as it is going to get, and reasonably open.

We spent about three hours getting to a good campsite in the alpine. We camped in the plateau of lakes with great views up Woss Lake to Rugged Mountain. On Saturday we hiked up the firm spring snow and then scrambled easily to the top of Ashwood (South). We spent at least an hour on top of Ashwood (South) in the afternoon, which we shared with a ptarmigan.

The last entry in the Ashwood (South) summit register was Lindsay Elms in August 2003. Not a busy place. I am pretty sure that Darren Wilman with someone else climbed Ashwood (South) in winter a couple of years ago, but obviously they didn't dig out the register. Obviously there is a good view of the slightly higher and more difficult north peak of Mount Ashwood. For more details on the nomenclature of Mount Ashwood see its entry in the encyclopedia. The highest mountain in the Bonanza Range is not officially named, but is logically referred to as Bonanza Peak in this encyclopedia, and it is the high straightforward-looking mountain in the background of this photo, immediately left of the 'tower' of Ashwood (North).

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