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Septimus and Rosseau from Mount Myra # 12465

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Date: 2009.03.08
Vantage Point: Mount Myra sub-peak

Caption: Looking over from the Mount Myra subpeak to Septimus-Rosseau Massif

PhotoDescr: This photo was taken on a great day out on Mount Myra. Despite not making the summit proper, we were treated with some amazing views.

This is an interesting perspective to Septimus-Rosseau in comparison to views you get from Cream Lake or Flower Ridge. On the ridgeline, Septimus is the rocky summit at the far right of the main massif. Mount Rosseau is the middle peak (with some jaggedness) and the Misthorns are the left-most peaks.

In July last year, we did a circumnavigation of Septimus-Rosseau. We started on Flower Ridge, which is on the far left side of the photo. From there we dropped down into Price Pass (the low saddle at middle left) with the crux being the small step visible on the ridgeline heading up the Misthorns. From there we headed around the backside of the mountain, and traversed to the shoulder below Septimus visible on the right side of the massif. This slope then drops down to Cream Lake (not visible). The standard route up Septimus is up this snow slope, and then heading left up steep slopes/gully below the rocky section visible.

Price Creek is the main drainage valley visible, and Green Lake is at the end of that below Price Pass. This approach is used for routes up the north side of all peaks on the massif.

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