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Bishop River Headwaters # 12437

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Date: 2008.09.22

Caption: Headwaters of the Bishop River. There was a geomorphologist in the helicopter who was quite excited by this scene. Not hard to imagine why.

PhotoDescr: The Southgate River drains into Bute Inlet about 80 km from this position. The Bishop River is a tributary (more like a subsidiary) of the Southgate. Most people who fly this valley agree that the entire complex should be called the Bishop, as it produces a larger volume at the confluence (similar to the Elaho/Squamish).

I spent about 40 days working in the greater Southgate River in 2008. Dead/missing prospectors, grizzly bears, potentially dangerous human drifters, mosquitoes the size of humming birds, swollen rivers, avalanches, debris torrents, random rock fall, forest fires, devils club 4 meters high. . . .

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