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Mount Washington (Oregon) from the Northeast # 12430

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Date: 2007.06.27
Vantage Point: From viewpoint on US Highway 20 east of Santiam Pass,

Caption: Mount Washington, seen from a viewpoint on US Highway 20 east of Santiam Pass. Much of the forest in the foreground was killed by the massive B&B fire in August of 2003.

PhotoDescr: Mount Washington is one of the chain of Cascade volcanoes in Oregon, located north of the Three Sisters and south of Three Fingered Jack and Mount Jefferson. It is a shield volcano surmounted by a composite volcanic cone, which probably reached a height of 2600 metres at one point. This cone was later invaded by a magma "plug", which now forms the summit pinnacle. Pleistocene glaciation severely eroded the volcano, resulting in the jagged-looking mountain of today. Mount Washington is considered to be extinct, but there has been lots more recent volcanic activity nearby. (Information from the USGS Cascades Volcanic Observatory webpage.)

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