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Labelled Panorama -Nanga Parbat to Golden Eagle # 12426

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Date: 2008.08.03
Vantage Point: From the summit of Mistaya Mountain.

Caption: A zoomed in panorama I took from the summit of Mistaya Mountain. Includes peaks from the Freshfield Icefield all the way North to the Mons Icefield.

PhotoDescr: I spent a lot of time using both my Gem Trek map and this site to help me identify all the peaks as best as I could. I also have yet another similar panorama from a different vantage point that I took the next day that helped me distinguish peaks that would have been more difficult with just one vantage point. Even with all this I am still not completely certain about the identifications. If you have any corrections then let me know and I will upload a corrected panorama.

Story: My brother and I decided to make camp at Caldron Lake on the August long weekend to scramble whatever we could. On this day we ascended the moraine beneath the North Face of Peyto Peak to gain the headwall surrounding Caldron Lake and then traverse north to Mistaya Mountain. The route up to Mistaya Mountain is very simple and only requires intermediate scrambling skills. It mostly involves a lot of cross country travel. Your reward for all this travel is great views of 14 of the 11000-foot peaks and four icefields.

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