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Peaks Above the Appa Glacier # 11875

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Date: 2008.09.29
Vantage Point: Ridge between the two major forks of Rutherford Creek.

Caption: Fred Touche takes a break at a tarn, located high upon ridges above the two major forks of Rutherford Creek.

PhotoDescr: The glacier-laden peak at far right is known on this site (as well as with snowmobilers who frequent the area via the Menzel Memorial Trail) as Appa Peak. Longspur is just left, with the Appa Glacier leading towards it. The nondescript bump next is Peak 7600' (Appa SW2), with the recently (officially) named Kwtamts Peak at far left.

I completed a work flight and some subsequent work in the Rutherford last year, and convinced myself that a route I had plotted out a few years ago would be good. . . . it was not too bad at all.

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